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One thought on “Contact Us

  1. The International Network Relations & Global Health Center of Advaita Medical Healthcare College
    in the Island of Bali

    The 2nd Annual Bali Global Health Leadership Initiative Integration

    A week of multidisciplinary leadership international community forum, seminars, preliminary researches and community services for initializing further integration benefiting our global public health society
    Monday, January 6th until Friday, January 10th 2014
    from 9 A.M. – 5 P.M.
    Join us in Bali Indonesia for a collaboration week of exploring and promoting global health awareness across cultures and civilization in our ever changing world
    Exchange information, find prevention and solutions through our seminars, workshops, discussion groups, visiting public health facilities, county local clinics and international standard hospitals, starting research collaboration, doing several community services, studying local herbal medicine, learning local culture with the island tour, understand international delegates’ cultures and many other activities.
    For a complete schedule and further information, please email us at Or visit our Web site at: Or call at 62-0361-814242 Or send short text only to 62-081-239238522
    International Participators: a fee of US$1000.00 per person for the week long program ( included accomodation of 7 days hotel/home stays international standard, standard meals, and transportation)

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